TED Talk - Re-igniting Healthcare Innovation

January 17, 11:30am, EST - 1:00pm, EST

Maggiano's Little Italy- Cumberland
1601 Cumberland Mall SE, Atlanta GA 30339


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Speaker: Robert Connely
TED Talk - Re-igniting Healthcare Innovation

Innovation is a process of looking at problems from different perspectives to discover new ways to solve them.   If it works, a product is created.  If it works well, a market is created.  If you bring several to market, you are an innovator.

We face problems due to an aging population, increased healthcare utilization, declining numbers of caregivers, and other factors that threaten our future.  This is not a medical problem per se, it is a breakdown in our social defenses due to smaller family size, culture, the unintended consequences of technology, and other factors.

This talk is an innovator’s view of why these realities make healthcare prime for innovation, where and how it might occur, and what it means to current efforts.



BIO - Robert E Connely III

Robert is a recognized healthcare innovator, known for his passion and wit.  With over 35 years of experience in healthcare and information technology, he is known for creating the Horizon Physician Portal and several other products while serving as McKesson’s “Chief Mad Scientist”.   He left McKesson to co-found Medicity, a pioneer in the emerging HIE market. Medicity was acquired Aetna, and for several  years, he served as the entrepreneur in residence leading the development of other innovations.  After retiring from Aetna, he went on to co-found iSteward to pioneer a new approach focused on the social dimension of healthcare.  He is an accomplished guitarist, woodworker, and cool granddad.