CPHIMS Certification Information And Other Certification Details



HIMSS Certification Process Change

HIMSS has made a change to its testing provider, moving from AMP to Prometric Testing Centers. This significantly increases the number of testing sites available to candidates.

Changes have been made to the application process as well. Candidates will now apply for the CAHIMS or CPHIMS exam directly via the HIMSS website using SSO login credentials. All applications will be reviewed for compliance with eligibility criteria. Candidates will then be sent either a request for additional information or an Authorization to Test (ATT) email that gives them instructions on how to make their own personal testing appointment on the Prometric website. No changes have been made to eligibility criteria at this time, only the location of application processing.

All candidates, including candidates outside of North America, have access to nearly 1,000 testing locations around the globe. All Prometric Testing Centers provide for secure testing sites and immediate scoring of exams. There are no changes to exam content, only the way applications are made (HIMSS website) and the test delivery vendor (Prometric). Paper and pencil exams are no longer available; however, if a chapter wishes a group exam administration as part of an event, a BYOD for computer-based testing may be an option.

Additionally, at any time, candidates can go to the Prometric website to identify the nearest Testing Center Location (select the “Locate a Test Center” icon). Appointments cannot be made with a local testing center directly.


Recertification Process Information:

Click here to download a step-by-step guide to adding your continuing education hours and activities to your Certification Transcript.

For complete details about Recertification Requirements, converting activities to continuing education hours, or what kinds of activities are acceptable, go to the “Renew” section here .

As a HIMSS professional certification holder, you recognize the value of earning and maintaining a professional certification. Congratulations for taking this important step to differentiate your skillsets and abilities from others. Click here to review and update your continuing education hours via the HIMSS website electronically.



CPHIMS GA CHAPTER Coaching Sessions:


Below you will find a complete library of pre-recorded sessions and content to support you in this initaitive. 

You will also find a list of Freqently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page. 

Furthermore, please know that every session will be elgigible for 1 hour of CEU (Can be utilized by individual's wanting to obtain for recertification as well).


There will not be a group test administration of the examination this year because it is not a service provided from National at this time.  We will provide guidance on how to sign up for the examination independently.


CPHIMS Handbook



**For complete exam details, please explore our handbook: http://www.himss.org/files/HIMSSorg/content/files/CPHIMSCandidateHandbook.pdf

**Ready to become certified?
Apply for CPHIMS Certification Today!     http://www.goamp.com/


**Exam Structure :
The examination consists of 115 multiple-choice test items, presented during a 2-hour session. 
Scoring is based on 100 items pre-selected for desirable psychometric characteristics. 
The additional 15 test items are included as pretest items. 
Performance on pretest items does not affect a candidate’s score.

Find a Test Center:

**Find Assessment Centers at www.goAMP.com   http://www.goamp.com/

**Eligibility Criteria:
Eligibility standards are  designed to include those experienced in healthcare information and management  systems, but exclude others. To participate in the CPHIMS examination, a  candidate must qualify under one of the following options.

  • Baccalaureate degree plus five (5) years of associated information and  management systems experience*, three (3) of those years in healthcare.
  • Graduate degree plus three (3) years of associated information and  management systems experience*, two (2) of those years in healthcare.

*Associated information and management systems experience includes experience  in the following functional areas: administration/management, clinical  information systems, e-health, information systems, or management  engineering.


**Exam Fees:
The examination fee for a member of HIMSS is $300.  This represents $75 savings over the $375 fee charged to nonmembers. Payment of  the examination fee entitles a candidate to take the examination, receive a  score report, receive a certificate of achievement and other recognition of the  certification, and use the distinguished CPHIMS on letterhead, business cards  and other professional communications, in directory listings and in  signature.

Fee might be a bit lower now. 

Someone also reported that: Exam cost is $300.00 and $270.00 for HIMSS organizational affiliate members (such as the VA). 


      **CPHIMS Self-Assessment Exam:

Self Assessment Exam

If you are planning to take the CPHIMS Examination, the Self-Assessment Examination (SAE) provides an excellent opportunity to become familiar with the format of the software used to administer this exam, as well as the type of items used on the examination. The questions on the SAE are presented in the same computer format as the CPHIMS examination. This is very valuable in alleviating fears created by not knowing what to expect. 
The SAE is also an excellent study tool for examination candidates, credentialed practitioners, students, and anyone interested in measuring and sharpening their individual performance. 
Using the CPHIMS SAE in conjunction with careful study of the material can significantly increase your ability to score at a high level on the CPHIMS examination. Purchase the CPHIMS SAE now.   http://store.lxr.com/dept.aspx?id=49    $60.00

**Format :
This 100-question online practice examination was designed to match the cognitive and content areas of the CPHIMS examination. Developed using the same procedures as the actual CPHIMS examination, the SAE conforms to the exam specification, both in terms of content and average difficulty level. 
The extra value of the SAE comes in the form of useful feedback to future test takers. The rest offers a rationale for correct and incorrect responses, as well as several score reports showing various levels of content mastery – including those in need of improvement. You may take the test in a 2-hour period to simulate the exam or over a 90 day period from the time of purchase. Once you complete the SAE, you will be emailed the exam results and score reports.


**Fees and Purchasing:
Offered as a benefit of membership, the price of this online SAE is $60 for HIMSS members and $75 for non-members. 
To take the SAE via the Internet, simply visit the LXR Store Web site. Once purchase is made with a major credit card, you will receive the link to the SAE and your private passcode via email.   http://store.lxr.com/dept.aspx?id=49

System Requirements 

**Sample Questions:
Interested in viewing sample CPHIMS questions? View the online sample questions.   http://surveys.himss.org/checkbox/Survey.aspx?surveyid=1691


      **CPHIMS Online Review Course:

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HIMSS eLearning Academy is now offering a CPHIMS review course online to provide you with more convenience and flexibility. This is a great way to increase your preparedness for the HIMSS12 on-site exam.

Review Course Details:

Approximately 9 hours for nine course modules.

  1. Healthcare Environment
  2. The Technology Environment
  3. Systems Analysis
  4. Systems Design
  5. System Selection, Implementation, Support and Maintenance
  6. Systems Testing and Evaluation
  7. Systems Privacy and Security
  8. Administration Leadership
  9. Administration Management


  Renew your CPHIMS Certification every three years to maintain your CPHIMS status. 


iTunes practice test (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cphims-test/id545435951?mt=8).