GAHIMSS CIO Mentoring Program


Introducing the GAHIMSS CIO Mentoring Program. 


The CIO Mentoring Program is part of the GA HIMSS HI-HIT Community Benefits
 Initiative. This program is designed to offer a new CIO or Director of IT
 access to an experienced CIO for assistance in enhancing leadership

The program will be mutually beneficial for both parties via
 active engagement in the process of collaboration, brainstorming and
 networking. Please see below for specific details regarding roles and




  • Gain insights from a mentee that may provide professional and personal growth
  • Self-fulfillment in sharing time and expertise with others
  • Reenergizing career and daily work life
  • Learn about other organizations
  • Refresh leadership skills by teaching mentee


  • Structured access to mentor’s expertise and experience
  • Vital feedback in key areas (communication, interpersonal relationships, technical abilities, change management and leadership skills) in a neutral environment
  • Focus on professional growth and learning
  • Enlarging professional network
  • Exposure to other organizations
  • Practice accountability


We need your participation to make this a strong program for HIT leadership in Georgia. 


Mentor Profile Form


Mentee Profile Form


If you interested, the next steps is to complete the appropriate form below and email it to






Why Consider Becoming a Mentor or Mentee?

What Is Mentoring?

Mentoring involves a more experienced individual, the mentor, providing guidance to a mentee. Leadership Mentoring is not intended for students, nor is its intent to find employment for mentees; rather it is designed for experienced individual's seeking growth as leaders and professionals. A mentoring partnership involves developing trust, investing feelings and energy and sometimes taking risks by challenging a partner’s self-image. If a mentor feels valued only for the connections he possesses or the doors she can open the relationship probably will never develop.

Why Consider Becoming a Mentor?

A mentor is an individual, usually older, always more experienced, who helps and guides another individual’s development. There are many reasons for becoming a mentor including learning about yourself, becoming energized through a fresh personal or professional perspective and deriving satisfaction for furthering another’s career development. The return on mentoring efforts may also include growing an organization’s management talent and fine-tuning your leadership skills in a one-on-one situation.

Why Consider Becoming a Mentee

Mentee is the name given to the person who receives guidance from the mentor. That guidance may take many forms. For example, a mentee may want to work on building self-confidence, developing professional and winning behaviors or sharpening critical thinking skills and knowledge. People can become mentees at almost any age. A young manager can receive valuable guidance from experienced mid-career executives, while the mid-careerist may benefit from a mentor who is at the C-suite level. Senior executives ready to move up from a small or mid-size organization may benefit from the counsel of a CEO or COO whose career already includes leading larger, more complex firms.