GAHIMSS Advocacy Update

Georgia Health IT Day was celebrated on February 25th in partnership with TAG Health. The day began with a legislative resolution proclaiming February 25th as Health IT Day at the Capitol. The luncheon program held the theme of “Using Health IT to Improve Patient Care and Health Outcomes” and featured a panel industry leaders. The day continued with advocacy visits and concluded with a networking reception hosted by GA HIMSS and co-sponsored by Smith, Moore, Leatherwood, LLP and Jive.


Please see below for the 2016 Legislative Asks that were discussed during the advocacy office visits on GA HIT Day:


Expand Telehealth Services to Improve Patient Access and Outcomes and Decrease Healthcare Costs



  • Update the allowable originating sites of care beyond those currently regulated by Medicaid to include interactions with patients from wherever the patient is located, including the home, where cost-effective and clinically-appropriate.
  • Allow expanded use of “store and forward capability” to aid long-term passive monitoring of chronic diseases.
  • Appropriate funds to support connectivity to rural healthcare providers, institutions, and neighborhoods.
  • Encourage the mitigation of barriers associated with clinician licensure related to interstate telehealth practice.




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