Lunch & Learn - Understanding Blockchains and the Digital Transformation of Healthcare

September 13, 11:30am, EDT - 1:00pm, EDT

Maggianos Cumberland

1601 Cumberland Mall SE

Atlanta, GA, 30339


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Digital Transformation will change the world more in the next 5 – 10 years than it’s changed in the past twenty. And perhaps no technology will drive that change more than Blockchain. Blockchain is enabling the Digital Transformation of business ecosystems from financial services to energy to supply chains around the world. No industry, process, or profession is immune to the impacts of Digital Transformation – least of all healthcare.
Healthcare providers, payors, suppliers, and technology companies are increasingly aware that Blockchain is an important emerging technology, but it is still not yet well understood by most healthcare professionals. Blockchain technologies promise to finally make Patient Mediated Health Data Exchange truly viable by providing patients with self-sovereign, patient-centered Electronic Healthcare Records.
But the implications of Blockchain for healthcare go far beyond just the EHR. Areas that Blockchain will help to dramatically transform over the next few years include: 

Healthcare Claims Adjudication and Payment 

Integration of such Medical devices as sensors, monitors, and wearables into the EHR 

Doctor-Vendor RFP Services 

Counterfeit Drug Prevention and Detection 

Supply Chain Provenance of Parts and Materials 

Health Document Notary Services 

Clinical Trial Results 

Population Health Management

Healthcare providers, payors, suppliers, and technology companies must understand the impact of Blockchain on their organizations and on the overall Healthcare Ecosystem. And they must understand the kinds of skills and capabilities they’ll need to survive and prosper in the rapidly emerging digital healthcare environment.
Key questions Jack will address in his presentation include: 

What is Blockchain? How does it work? 

How will Blockchain work with our existing technology?  How will blockchain alter the healthcare landscape? 

What is a Smart Contract? How do Smart Contracts affect healthcare?

How will Blockchains and Smart Contracts impact our organization? 

What are the opportunities?  

How do we plan for Blockchain and Smart Contracts?