Improve Patient Care Outcomes with Real Time ADT Event Notifications Webinar

November 10, 12:00pm, EST - 1:00pm, EST



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Patients who are not seen by a provider within 30 days of discharge are 10x more likely to be readmitted to the hospital for preventable reasons, yet one-third of all primary care physicians never receive notification that their patient was hospitalized. Critical events including admission, discharge, transfer, medication prescriptions, tests, and other event updates should be available through the entire continuum of care to provide better care coordination.

Consensus Signal from J2 Global – the leading healthcare cloud services provider solution – delivers real-time health event alert notifications, connecting providers and care teams wherever patients receive care.

Meets quality/cost measurement thresholds linked to value-based reimbursement, such as medication reconciliation reduction of costs, increase health outcomes and hospital readmission rates

What key challenges will the webinar address with the target audience?


·       Reduces preventable readmissions and identifies patient leakage

·       Improves provider satisfaction with hospital administrative services


·       Supports active follow up and improved patient care and satisfaction

·       Supports post-discharge quality measures (e.g. PQRS, HEDIS) and reimbursement

·       Customized to avoid alert fatigue


·       Identify and push gaps in care alerting providers in their EMR workflow

·       Incorporates actionable data into the providers workflow

·       Capture diagnosis not related to the encounter

·       Promote improved transition of care from the inpatient to ambulatory setting



Michele Darnell - Chief Commercial Officer, SES


Brenda Hopkins – Chief Health Information Officer, J2


Jeffrey Coughlin – Senior Director Federal & State Affairs, HIMSS