GA HIMSS Regional Event in Savannah - Empowering the Patient

November 19, 12:30pm, EST - 7:30pm, EST

Savannah, Georgia 

Westin Savannah Harbor Resort and Spa


Education event between 12:30-5:00pm ET; Reception 5:00-7:00pm ET


Theme: Empowering the Patient


Keynote: Dr. Gordon Jones: Be Informed: Money, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Healthcare


Local Ambassador/Host: Nolan Hennessee, CIO St. Joe’s Candler


Speaker Information


Dana Bensinger MSN, RN-BC, is Client Solution Executive at CTG, he is a Senior Consulting Professional with 30 years of experience in the private healthcare sector. Serving in various clinical administration and project leadership capacities, Mr. Bensinger has gained experience with numerous healthcare organizations across the country including large IDNs, non-profits, children’s hospitals, and ambulatory and physician practices.


Dr. Gordon Jones DHA, MHSA, PAHM, PPM, CBP is a serial entrepreneur and health information technologist with a doctorate in health administration. He brings more than 30 years of diverse experience in many sectors of business, healthcare, technology, and the military. Be Informed: Money, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain & Healthcare - In this presentation by Dr. Gordon Jones, we will be learning the origins of blockchain, the basic functionality of the technology, ways we can use it in our every day lives, and use cases for healthcare.


Lisa Hines brings 25 years of experience of hospital IT and operational leadership roles to her current position as Southeastern Regional CIO for NetApp Healthcare. The New Health IT ParadigmClinical service delivery is evolving at speeds never before seen in the healthcare industry, accelerated by consumer demand for current, accurate medical records information and an enhanced patient experience. Learn how real-time, secure access to underlying clinical data enables a level of responsiveness and care that differentiates one healthcare organization from another, driving patient preference and loyalty.


Tanya Mack, President of Women’s Telehealth, is an operations and business transformation specialist in healthcare. How Telehealth Technologies are Empowering GA Patients - Insights on improved access and cost reduction in healthcare, strategies and practical tips for maximizing value based telehealth initiatives in the areas of strategy, implementation and reimbursement.


Tara Broxton Cramer has been the Executive Director of the Georgia Regional Academic Community Health Information Exchange (GRAChIE) since November 2011. A Patient-Centric Approach to Health Information Exchange (HIE) - Tara Cramer will discuss the advancements of Health Information Exchange (HIE) access to real-time and accurate patient health data that is not limited to any EHR vendor, health system, nor geographical border.


Terry J. Wilk, FCHIME, MBA, CJMC, senior vice president, in Coker Group’s Information Technology Division (IT), is a four-time healthcare CIO whose expertise spans the full range of IT executive oversight. Empowering Patients Through Engagement - Pulling from his industry experience, Terry Wilk, Senior Vice President of Coker Group, will share several key principles and technologies that providers have followed and used to engage patients in their healthcare activities. By doing so, many of these patients felt empowered to participate in their healthcare and wellness decisions, thereby improving their quality-of-life experiences.