Digital Health Virtual Think Tank

September 17, 12:00pm, EDT - 1:00pm, EDT



Moderator:  Justin Barnes

Panelists:  Geoff Brown (CIO, Piedmont Healthcare), Dr Sylvan Waller (healthcare entrepreneur, investor, advisor)

TAG Digital Health’s “Think Tank” is a localized effort based on the global Health Innovation Think Tank, conducted by Justin Barnes.
The Health Innovation Think Tank is a global collaboration of innovators, health systems, policy makers, thought leaders,payers and
other key stakeholders who share their expert findings regarding industry best practices & key takeaway’s focused on care strategy,
innovation and leadership.
Think Tank participants strategize and collaborate as a collective body of over 250 healthcare leaders to create and share best
practices, highlight innovation and optimize public policy as well as advance our healthcare ecosystem. During TAG’s Digital Health
Think Tank, Justin Barnes and his panelists will share their Top 25 key findings compiled fromtheir 6 Think Tank sessions conducted over
the past 4 years.