Community of Practice - BiMonthly Webinar

July 27, 12:00pm, EDT - 12:00pm, EDT

Bi-Monthly Community of Practice Webinar Series



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Topics:  ONC Patient Engagement Playbook and MACRA (Continued)

With the goal of providing a resource for learning and a platform for discussion, we will take a different approach to the topic of MACRA.  Until the proposed release of the final rule in November, we will use a portion of each of our upcoming CoP sessions to cover a specific component of MACRA in preparation for knowledgeable discussion once that release occurs.  We may find that we need to conduct our CoP call on a more frequent basis in order to cover all of the material prior to November.


If you, or someone within your organization has expertise or would like to participate in planning our MACRA sessions, please contact us at 


We will continue to cover additional topics related to HIE, Interoperability and Meaningful Use during each of our CoP sessions as well.  Our July webcast will feature an overview of the recently release ONC Patient Engagement Playbook.  The Playbook is an evolving resource for providers, practice staff, hospital staff, and other innovators: a compilation of tips and best practices we’re collecting from providers and health systems like yours.  Per the ONC’s request, we would like to solicit your feedback on this resource.


Mark your calendars for July 27th at 12:00 to join us for a “restart” on our MACRA review and to learn more about the Patient Engagement Playbook.


If you have additional topics you would like covered in upcoming CoP sessions, please submit your suggestions to  If you would like to present on a topic during one of our sessions, please let us know as well.  Although vendor product specific topics will not be accepted, if you are a vendor or consultant with expertise around a pertinent topic, please let us hear from you.


To access slides from our previous CoP webcast, please visit our website at