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During these busy times, our partners are doing amazing work.

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Sponsor Name: DSS, Inc

  1. A link to our COVID-19 web page:
  2. A replay link to an Opal Group Webinar where DSS presented on the topic “Emerging from A Pandemic: How Necessity will Drive Innovation in the Post-COVID19 Healthcare Ecosystem”.  Speakers were Christopher Kunney, CPHIMSS, CPHIT, MSMOT, Chief, Strategy & Business Development, DSS, Inc. and Roy Hammar, Chief, Client Engagement, DSS, Inc. -  A summary of the webinar is below, which also highlights how DSS is helping to combat COVID-19:
  • COVID-19 continues to change our world in unprecedented ways, and innovative technologies, like those explored in the webinar, are already becoming essential across the healthcare continuum.  Existing technologies, such as EHRs, must also adapt – or be designed with the future in mind. Though we expect things like advanced robotics and 3D printing to expand their reach in healthcare, many existing technologies, like legacy EHRs, already struggle to keep up with post-COVID demands.  Patient data moves too slowly and is often too difficult to access.  That’s why Juno EHR is built on a cloud-based open platform, to offer the flexibility and interoperability today’s healthcare organizations need. 
  1. A Podcast titled “DSS, Inc. Enhancing COVID-19 Screening and Testing for EHR Customers” can be viewed using this link:
  2. A blog post titled “Using Advanced Clinical Surveillance Software to Fight COVID-19” can be found here:
  3. A blog post titled “Juno Emergency Services Solution Allows ERs to Handle Wave of COVID-19 Patients:
  4. You can direct people to all of DSS’ blog posts by using this link:

Sponsor Name: Connection

Supporting Customers During Challenging Times 

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Connection was designated a “mission critical supplier.” Over the past 6 months, our teams have worked long hours and during several weekends to ensure healthcare providers are supported throughout the pandemic. Some examples of where we are helping include: 

- Sourcing a variety of mobile devices to provide access to patients in quarantine so families and clinicians can stay safely connected with remote communication to minimize the use of PPE. 

- Sourcing a variety of employee peripherals including laptops and web cameras to support the surge in WFH employees 

- Disinfection technologies including UV devices to minimize HAI and improve workflows 

- Network Engineers are helping our clients ramp up their wireless network to meet the new demands on their infrastructure 

- Professional services to supplement IT departments that are struggling to support their new normal 

- Our Security Engineers are providing Security Landscape Optimizations for strategic decision support and threat mitigation to keep patients, providers and employees safe. 

- Thermal imaging technologies to increase safety for back-to-work strategies 

- Our Financial Services team is helping to bridge COVID grant funding to get equipment onsite for immediate needs

Sponsor Name: Pure Storage

Transform your storage game with Pure as-a Service

September 29, 2020

11:30 AM - 12:45 PM EST

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Join us for a special evening sing-along featuring Jonathan Groff and JD McCrary!


Pure Storage, Cohesity, and Special Olympics Northern California have come together to bring you a virtual night out for the whole family on   Tuesday, September 29, at 5:30PM PT.

If you are joining us from an Asia-Pacific time zone, we will be hosting a live replay of the performance on Wednesday, September 30, at 6PM SGT.

Register today to save your spot and enjoy exclusive live performances of your family’s favorite hits.


Sponsor Name: NetApp


Scaling Telehealth Rapid Response:

Radiology Innovations – AI and Beyond:

The CIO’s Guide to Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure:


Sponsor Name: Nutanix

Ensuring Your Infrastructure Can Support a Remote Workforce, Telemedicine & Dramatically Increased Patient Load: New Webinar Coming 4/30 @ 12 ET -


Sponsor Name: Fortinet

Fortinet announces all online cybersecurity training courses available for free.


To help you keep pace with the evolving advanced threats in this new era, Fortinet has released its entire online catalog of advanced cybersecurity training courses for free so you can continue to combat risks.


As your distributed workforce security needs evolve, we’re here to help equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to deliver end-to-end performance and protection. The latest release of free courses cover topics such as, Secure SD-WAN, public cloud security, secure access, and more. These courses will be made available at no cost until the end of 2020, so you can continue to expand your security expertise all year long.


Explore the courses to begin your free security training now. 


Sponsor Name: Intraprise Health

Join Valley Health CISO and Intraprise Health for Third Party Risk Management Webinar

Join our free webinar June 11 at 2 pm EST


Tools for Scaling Third–Party Risk and Enterprise Risk Management 

Join Valley Health System’s CISO, Miroslav Belote, and cybersecurity experts from Intraprise Health to discuss tools to help cost-effectively scale your enterprise risk management program.

Panelists will discuss:   

  1. Valley Health System’s TPRM program creation
  2. Keys to scalability in risk management programs
  3. Types of information critical to understanding your third parties
  4. Qualitative vs. quantitative risk management 
  5. The role of NIST within a broader risk management framework (RMF) 
  6. Evaluating TPRM software features
  7. Understanding available tools including VRM, GRC, IRM and scanning tools
  8. Accelerating adoption of new TPRM processes and tools across the supply chain
  9. How a comprehensive and scalable TPRM program exposes 3rd, 4th and 5th party risks

Meet our panelists:

Intraprise Health’s Chief Digital Health Officer, Vikas Khosla will moderate a panel discussion with

Miroslav Belote, Valley Health System CISO,

Intraprise Health Chief Product Officer, Tim Denis, and SVP of Information Security Services, Brian Parks.

Bring your questions and join our panel for a lively interactive discussion!   

Register Now

Join Intraprise Health for a free SRA webinar on April 23 at 2 pm EST that will explain how you can prepare for and remediate your risks, once you’ve identified the areas and control categories that have been most impacted within your organization.

Maintaining vigilance for your healthcare organization includes staying focused on the basics and good security practices. Security Risk Assessments provide hospitals and healthcare organizations with a way to maintain HIPAA compliance, lower security risks, and protect PHI. One basic yet critical practice is to perform a security risk assessment whenever there is significant change in the environment. 

Join Intraprise Health and HITRUST for a free webinar Thursday, May 7, from 2 – 3pm ET to learn about the healthcare industry’s most prescriptive security and privacy framework.

Ryan Patrick from Intraprise Health and Michael Parisi from HITRUST will share information essential to understanding the pathway to HITRUST certification


Sponsor Name: Connection

Live Healthcare Solutions Webinar, April 29. Registration:

Healthcare Solutions Reimagined

Healthcare organizations spend valuable time and money making sure firewalls are strong and their server infrastructure is protected. But threats don’t stop there. Every device on your network can leave you compromised. That’s why HP, partnered with Intel and Microsoft, has developed innovative solutions specifically designed and reimagined with the healthcare industry in mind. The solutions are developed to incorporate infection control protocol at the point of care. Learn how you can reduce healthcare costs, improve patient care, and keep clinicians and patients safer.
Join Connection® Enterprise Solutions, HP, Intel, and Microsoft for a live webinar presentation to learn more about exciting healthcare trends that can help streamline, innovate, and keep your environment secure.

Session duration: 60 minutes
Wednesday, April 29, 2020 2:00 PM EDT >> Register Here


  • How to combat visual hacking compromising patient data
  • The future of virtual health services
  • The cost of healthcare breaches and how to avoid them
  • Leveraging data to advance patient care
  • How to improve patient safety with easy device sanitation